Why does exposure to the sun cause death?

Why does exposure to the sun cause death?


Why does exposure to the sun cause death?

 We all walk in the sun, but why do some people die suddenly because of the sun?

 👉 Our body temperature is always 37 C, this is the temperature at which all the organs of our body can function properly.

  The body maintains a temperature of 37 ° C by expelling water as sweat. It is very useful and necessary to drink water constantly while sweating.

 In addition, water is very useful, when the body is dehydrated, our body prevents the excretion of water through sweat.  (Ie closes)

 👉 When outside temperature exceeds 45 C and body cooling system shuts down, body temperature rises above 37 C.

 👉 When the body temperature reaches 42 ° C then the blood starts to warm up and the protein in the blood starts to ripen.

 Muscle cramps During this time, the muscles necessary for breathing also stop working.

  Dehydration causes the blood to thicken, lowers blood pressure, and prevents blood from reaching the vital organs (especially the brain).

 👉 A person goes into a coma and one organ after another of his body gradually stops working, and he dies.

  To avoid such problems in hot days, we should constantly drink water, this will keep our body temperature at 37%, we should pay attention to this.

 In the next few days, Equinox will have a profound effect on the weather in Pakistan.  Many areas will be affected.

 Please try to stay indoors, room or office as much as possible between 12 and 3 in the afternoon.

 The temperature will be around 40 degrees.

 This harsh weather will cause dehydration and fever.

 (These effects are caused by the sun shining just above the equator.)

 Please protect yourself and your loved ones from dehydration.

 Be sure to use at least 3 liters of water immediately.  People with kidney disease should try to drink at least 6 to 8 liters of water per day.

 Keep an eye on your blood pressure as much as possible.  Anyone can have a heat stroke.

 Take a bath with cold water.  Stop or minimize the use of meat.  Eat more fruits and vegetables.

 The heat wave is no joke.  Keep an unused candle out of the room or in the open, if the candle melts it is a serious situation.

 Room humidity can be maintained by placing 2 half-open water-filled pots in the bedroom and other rooms.

 Try to keep your lips and eyes moist.

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