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Instructional incident of Kuwait court|| Toughtful Story Of Kuwait

Instructional incident of Kuwait court|| Toughtful Story Of Kuwait

 Instructional incident of Kuwait court|| Toughtful Story Of Kuwait

In Kuwait, a man entered the court to tackle the front of his complaint (lawsuit) Qazi

 Focus on how you judge the case?  He said his son was surprised and asked what klaf.qazy complaint, the old man said, I am asking him to afford the monthly cost of his son, the judge said that if you do it right on your sons  the evidence does not need to hear.

 Old said Qazi Sahib!  Despite this, I am rich and I do not need money, but I want my son rhun- receives monthly spend

 Qazi am surprised and his son's name and address it came from court orders issued kya.byta appear in court the judge asked him this is your father?  These are my son said yes

 Qazi said he has filed a lawsuit against you if you are not so minor, why continue to pay monthly expenses Do

 Son said with a smile, they are asking me for money because they are very rich and does not need my help is

 Qazi said that demands your father and they are justified in their own right independent Requirements.

 Old Mr. Qazi said, if you're lucky it will only go if ordered to pay a penny if they dinar monthly kryy.qazy said I was concerned without delay of his hand and calling every month to just do it  your right is

 Then the judge signed the "blah blah blah blah I delay a penny every month for life would be nothing without his father from his hand."

 Room old father asked the judge before leaving the court if you do not mind tell me that you did not actually file the case, that you are rich and have called for a paltry sum?

 Old cried out, judge Sir, I am longing to see his son, and his work has been so busy I could not see his face for a long time while my son  I seriously love.

 And every time I have to talk to me is that it does not even arise-displayed telephone

 I see it for this purpose even though Coin once a month, I have filed this lawsuit.

 Qazi spontaneous cry was heard and the others, and the old father, Allah, if you are already aware of the fact that I send her to prison and scourged.  Smiling elderly father said.

 "Sidi judge this command gives you a lot of pain in my heart,

 I know that the son of his parents how much they love their hearts, time will pass before that.

 (Translation of an Arabic Post)

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